Book your appointment online

Dear patients,
As some of you have already noticed, from now on we have an online booking system. On our website you can schedule your own appointment.
If possible, book an appointment with your regular GP.
Is the reason for your appointment not urgent? Then we would appreciate it if you choose an appointment in the following days or weeks. This allows us to keep availabilities for emergencies.
Do you need an appointment for an insurance or your annual medical exam for the European institutions? Please give us a call.
If you need an appointment for more than one person, book one appointment per person. You will need to login separately per person for each appointment.
If you don’t see any availability online you can always call us. Some of the appointments we will only book ourselves to ensure that we keep our flexibility and to be available for urgent consultations.
If you prefer to call us, you can still reach us by phone between 8.30 and 12.

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