Vaccination against COVID-19

Dear patients

You will receive an invitation to get vaccinated from the government. We won’t vaccinate at the practice. Risk groups are being defined by the government. If you have more questions regarding vaccinations, please book an appointment. We will gladly answer all your questions during a consultation.

Saul, our secretary, does his very best to help every patient. Try to make your calls efficient. Have your agenda next to you when you call for an appointment. We know there can be frustrations about being able to reach us. If you have several questions, please book an appointment. That is the best way to help all of you.

Please have a look at our previous posts or read the “praktische informatie” on our website. By keeping structure in the practice we can work efficiently and we protect ourselves against a burn-out. These are difficult times for everyone. Please be kind and respectful towards eachother.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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