Certificates for Covid-19 vaccination

Dear patients,

We have been getting a lot of questions to write certificates for patients with chronic illnesses. There are several reasons why we cannot do this.

In order not to violate doctor-patient confidentiality we cannot write certificates with a diagnosis on them.

Our goal is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible. Based on age groups, the most vulnerable patients are getting vaccinated first. Try to be patient, you will all get a vaccine.

There are currently no guidelines on who to consider as a high risk patient. We will follow the guidelines from the Belgian government. As you know there are different brands. The logistics behind it will also have an impact on when we can vaccinate and how fast we can go.

You all know we have been very busy since the beginning of the pandemic. We try to help as many patients as possible. All the additional paperwork and discussions on the telephone make that more difficult.

We understand that you all want to get vaccinated as soon as possible. When we have more information we will update you. Try to be patient. Keep an eye on our website and our facebook page.

We thank your for your understanding, your trust in our practice and respecting our boundaries.

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