Dear Patients

While corona brings chaos to the world, we try to keep structure in the practice so we can all work efficiently in the new corona reality 😊

Please read the “praktisch” on our website (scroll down for French/English). There we explain how we work in the SPAPRAKTIJK. We would love you to (once again!) read through this section.

On the blog section and our facebook page we post useful information. Look there first before calling us.

Saul, our incredibly talented secretary, works for us, the doctors…  

He has plenty of work to do every day, so we kindly ask you not to stalk him with emails/little messages or phonecalls when it is not the right time to call. He is available every morning from 8.30 am till 12 am for the patients who have an appointment that day and at the same time he answers the phone (02/230 45 56), lets patients in, registers new patients, guides you in the cabinet and does tasks for us, which need to be done urgently… You can imagine he has his hands full with all of this 😉

We know it’s very busy-yes indeed-not only on the Rue de la Loi… 

Sometimes you might have the impression we are not in… but, YES… WE ARE! But we have, just like you do, only 1 head, 2 hands, 1 mouth and 2 ears. 

We are doing our very best to help you ASAP!  Please… if you ‘re not in a life-threatening situation… be patient, stay calm and breath… we will help you as soon as we can.

Don’t show up without an appointment. That is not corona-proof. You might walk in on our corona-consultation….

We have noticed that many patients need several documents to be filled out or changed, scanned or e-mailed

This will only be dealt with during the consultation and we will only certify medically justified information which the doctor will take responsibility for… We follow medical/scientific guidelines like we’ve always done.

So no point in asking to write down information that your employer wants or the school director, the teacher, the creche-nurse, etc

They can, for sure, write as well and take their own responsibility J 

Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation, so corona doesn’t get the best of us, physically or emotionally 😉

Stay safe!